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ProQuest Ebook Central
e-Books NIFS library purchased are following 5 packages.
We have also paper books except for (4) in the library,

(1)Electromagnetic Waves for Thermonuclear Fusion Research
(2)Fusion Research : Principles
(3)ITER Physics, Volume 1
(4)Magnetic Fusion Energy : From Experiments to Power Plants
(5)Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Research
Wiley Online Library
Wiley-Blackwell's  e-Books
Here is thelistt NIFS library purchased.

  e-Books SOKENDAI purchased are following 5 packages.
  Top 100 bestsellers in every fields.
  (1)Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
  (2)Chemistry & Material Science
  (3)Engineering & Technolog
  (4)Life Sciences & Earth Sciences
  ・Humanities and Social Sciences 2010 complete collection
e-books that base organization of SOKENDAI purchased are also available.
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・「Laboratory Astrochemistry」 purchased by JAXA was added .(2016/06)
・「Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics」(111 books) purchased by ISM was added(2016/08)

 by Wiley-Blackwell (Wiley Japan is here. )
Comprehensive Nuclear Materials
A Complete collection of nuclear power material, 5 volumes
 It covers all the latest knowledge about the nuclear material.
  ※We have also paper books in the library.
・Vol.1 : Basic Aspects of Radiation Effects in Solids/Basic Aspects of Multi-Scale Modeling
・Vol.2 : Material Properties/Oxide Fuels for Light Water Reactors and Fast Neutron Reactors
・Vol.3 : Advanced Fuels/Fuel Cladding/Nuclear Fuel Performance Modeling and Simulation
・Vol.4 : Radiation Effects in Structural and Functional Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors
・Vol.5 : Material Performance and Corrosion/Waste Materials
 by Elsevier
Maruzen eBook Library

Japanese eBooks for academic organizations provided by Maruzen

Here is the list NIFS library purchased. (88 books)

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 by Maruzen
Oxford Scholarship Online

e-books provided by Oxford University Press  
About 1,100 books that are contained in 2010-2011and 2011-2012 are available.
Here is the title list.
    by Oxford University Press(purchased by SOKENDAI)
World Scientific Pub. Co. eBooks
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  by World Scientific Publishing Co.
Springer eBooks eBooks published by springer in 2005-2016 are available.

3 collections below are available from the first number.
Lecture notes in Computer Science
Lecture notes in Mathematics
Lecture notes in Physics
Lecture notes in Physics Monographs

Physics & Astronomy collections 6,383 titles in springer book archive(eBooks published in 1840-2004) became available.(2016/3/14)

  by Springer (purchased by SOKENDAI) (purchased by SOKENDAI・JAXA・KEK)
Earth and Environmental Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences, 9 eBooks
・Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences 
・Encyclopedia of Ecology  
・Encyclopedia of Geology 
・Encyclopedia of Inland Waters  
・Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences  
・Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (Second Edition) 
・Treatise on Geochemistry   
・Treatise on Geophysics  
  by Elsevier (purchased by NIPR )
Earth and Planetary Sciences 19 reference eBooks abput Earth and Planetary Sciences 
  by Elsevier ( purchased by NIPR)
IAEA Fusion Energy Conference Proceedings IAEA conference proceedings from the 17th conference(1998)

We have also paper books and CD-ROM until the 21st(2006) in the library.
European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics Conference proceedings list of European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics

We have also paper books and CD-ROM.
JPS Conference Proceedings Conference proceedings of the international conferences, workshops, summer schools and symposiums held by physical society of Japan.